Sunday, April 17, 2016

These two orchids have been recouping. One had a bite from a cat, but both plants were in distress due to lack of care from my neighbor, which after they finish blooming she discards them. One day she offered them to me and I gladly accepted them. One can see the bite on the mini one and 3 new leaves since a few months ago. The larger one also has 2 new leaves and a very long root. I can also see a new shoot coming out from the base of the plant.

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méri said...

Hi Velia!
I have been around your blog. You make lovely works. I want to add your blog to my list of feeds and can't at all. I can't understand why. I'm editing your photos for my post but it takes lots of time!
Congratulations for this lovely blog I've visited long ago and lost the address. Now I fix it!
Xi-coração com amizade e carinho Méri