Thursday, May 10, 2012


The first pic is of a wonderful american type soft bread. It had eggs and sugar, lemon rind, cranberries and pecan andraisins. It was very good, ibreakfast/tea bread. The one below is a French type bread, crusty and chewy, I got the recipe from the web by sheer coincidence. It is wonderful, very tasty and I love European type breads. I do not like sandwich bread, nor sandwiches. Tonight I am making white bread, with the same recipe as the one of the long loaf above, except it will have a larger amount of salt, and no additions of anything else. I want to see if it turns out as wonderful as those artisan breads around. If anyone who loves to bake is interested in the recipe, leave me a comment and I will gladly answer the request.

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jandee said...

Yay!! I made it in !! Love this bread..and everything else on this great blog!!! hugs jandee